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Bamburgh Castle

Refurbishment of flooring at Bamburgh Castle

Ravenscraig Sports Centre

Removed existing flooring, renewed and replaced with Junckers flooring

Las Iguanas, Plymouth

Refurbishment plus creative designer finish.

The Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring

Junckers Approved Contractor

We are the ONLY approved maintenance company for Junckers in the Newcastle and Northumberland areas

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Floor Sand North East takes pride in being an independent Junckers-approved maintenance contractor in Newcastle and Northumberland areas. For many years, we have undertaken refurbishment in both hardwood and softwood leading to us being one of the most experienced flooring specialists in the UK.

Besides refurbishment, we also carry out maintenance services as well as new installations of flooring. Our area of coverage includes both the public and private sectors. We have been lucky enough to successfully complete projects in learning institutions such as schools and colleges, leisure centers, commercial enterprises, castles and of course homes.

Wood floors remain a better option for many due to their versatility and impeccable beauty. Another good thing about is that it can be restored with the help of a flooring specialist. Common factors that could necessitate the need for restoration includes:-



Old Or Worn Out Seals

Discoloured Finishes


Dust-Free Sanding Service

Dust-free sanding technology has completely revolutionised sanding and we are proud to fully use the technology in our sanding services. Besides ensuring that you have a spectacular finish, our innovative dust-free sanding machinery makes use of a powerful extraction unit complete with special wood dust filters in the vacuum that ensure all the dust and residue is contained inside the machine. This leads to faster and cleaner sanding.

Conventional wood floor sanding has always been known to leave behind a film of dust on items and the effects have never been any good at all. But thanks to this new technology, you can rest assured that your valuable items will not be affected and that the indoor air quality will remain safe.


Commercial Floor Sanding

Wood remains a preferred flooring option for many commercial outlets and for valid reasons, some of which include a high commanding presence and ability to endure high traffic, general wear and tear, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

But it won’t be long before you have to take care of it and at Floor Sand North East, we have the skill and experience needed to carry out new installations, maintenance as well as refurbishment of the flooring.

Read on to find out more and view examples of our commercial floor sanding.

View examples of our commercial floor sanding


Domestic Floor Sanding

Homes are a great asset to many of us. Part of taking good care of it involves ensuring your wooden floor is in a good state. Even though wooden floors are known to be tough and strong enough to endure the home environment for a long period of time, we still have a couple of factors that can take a toll on it.

Floor Sand North East remains the top choice for homeowners in Newcastle and Northumberland areas. So if you are looking to have your floor sanded, repaired, or refurbished, look no further.

Learn more about our domestic floor services and also check out examples of our domestic floor sanding.

View examples of our domestic floor sanding

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Sports Facility Sanding

Every sports facility deserves utmost care and attention. This may include a number of tasks and our focus is on the flooring. More often, you will have to carry out routine maintenance of the flooring.

Wood flooring has been known to be ideal for sports facilities and usually, you will require the services of a specialist if you intend to have the floor revamped and made to last longer and offer more great performance. This might mean using quality materials that are proven to last, east to take care of, and flexible enough to adapt to different events.

At Floor Sand North East, we specialise in refurbishment, sanding, and maintenance of gym floors, squash courts, leisure centres amongst many other sports facilities.

Discover more about our services and take a look at our sports facility floor sanding.

View examples of our sports facility floor sanding


School/College/ University Floor Sanding

The use of Wood floor in institutions of learning dates back to many years ago and to date, we still have compelling reasons why most institutions from schools to colleges to universities still go after it. If not for their durability, then it’s due to their low maintenance cost.

However, the wood floor has its own shortcomings and at Floor Sand North East, we undertake overall repair, refurbishment, new installations and maintenance of wood floors in all kinds of institutions.

To learn more about this, read on about our services and check out examples of our schools floor sanding.

Your floor needs the best care because it matters a lot to your home, business, sport or institution. No matter how little or extreme the problem is, we have specialists and a lineup of services designed to address all your special needs while factoring in your budget. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will arrange for a free survey to see how we can help give your floor its former glory.

View examples of our schools floor sanding


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