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Commercial Floor Sanding

With regards to commercial flooring; when it comes to the visual aspect of a commercial outlet, two things matter most: walls and the floor. Of these two, the floor has a relatively high commanding presence and it’s probably the reason why most commercial enterprises put more focus into making their commercial flooring impeccably neat and outstanding. 

To date, dozens of commercial enterprises still stick with traditional options, wood being the most prominent of all. This is because wood has demonstrated its capacity to meet the needs of most business in various ways.

Regardless of the setting, whether it’s an office, a pub, a retail outlet, a gallery, or of course domestic flooring, you name it, wood flooring can deal with the usual challenges such as moisture, traffic, general wear and tear, and temperature fluctuations.

commercial floor sanding in Newcastle

But like every other material, it won’t be long before you need a few repairs or perhaps a complete restoration.  It could be a few scratches here and there, worn out seals, deteriorating appeal, just to name but a few.

At Floor Sand North East, we have a rich experience taking care of small repairs as well as full restorations and you can trust us to give your floor its former glory.

Restaurant 23, Leamington Spa

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring

The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring

The Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring

Tryst, Glasgow

Supply and fit Junckers flooring.

Wakefield Town Hall, Wakefield

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring


Commercial Floor Sanding Process

As professionals, we put a lot of effort in ensuring our clients have the perfect commercial flooring, and this is how we do it.

Assessing the damaged areas

First off, we take a look at the state of your floor in order to identify the areas that require our attention. This could be anything from damaged timber, scratches, andimpaired seals to getting rid of things such as fireplaces or extending/ reducing the floor size. By assessing the floor, we‘ll be able to figure out whether to repair specific sections or carry out a full restoration.


Before we begin the repair or full installation, we shall use a degreaser or wood cleaner to get rid of contaminants or ingrained dirt just to ensure that the floor is ready for the tasks ahead. This may also include rearranging your valuable items or whatever other objects such as furniture to create room for the repair work.

Leam Lane, Gateshead

Supply and fit Junckers flooring.

Las Iguanas, Plymouth

Refurbishment plus creative designer finish.

Byron, York

Refurbishment plus stressed designer finish.

Jamie Oliver's Cafe and Cookery School, Brighton

Supply and fit hardwood flooring.


We have invested in a dust-free sanding machinery that is going to ensure the sanding process is without any form of dust that could end up on your valuable items. The system comprises a powerful extraction unit that comes loaded with special wood dust filters that confine all dust within the machine.

We care a lot about protecting the indoor air quality and this implies that your employees, customers and the business itself won’t be affected in any way.  Our advanced equipment has also helped us to achieve the desired finish able to meet the best expectations of our clients.

Refinishing the floors

We all have different tastes when it comes to finishes and during this final stage, our aim is to ensure we have provided the look that meets your best desires, right from the seals to the stain and polish. There are a variety of stains you could choose for your wood floor. Same applies to the other two processes.

We always strive to ensure that we deliver the right finish able to last longer and appeal to your senses.

One way to ensure the entire process is done with utmost perfection is to seek the services of a competent floor expert with enough experience and skill to deliver impressive work. At Floor Sand North East in Newcastle, we understand just how much your business or office commercial flooring means to you and it’s our mission to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

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