Wooden floors can take a good amount of damage before they wear out. The loss of colour and shine happens over decades of use. You can bring back the original state of the floors either by surface renovation or through a complete overhaul, also called as floor restoration. Renovations do not involve sanding the floors, unlike restorations. A wooden floor expert will assess your floor for loose floorboards, cracks, gaps, jutting nails and suggest a complete restoration plan or renovation with stains already existing. The extent of damage of the floors determines the treatment it deserves.

Sanding wooden floors

Sanding is part of wooden floor overhaul. Before sanding, the floor is prepared by regluing loose floorboards and fixing irregularities like bumps. Damaged floorboards are replaced. Sanding is a simple process that removes the top layer while exposing layers beneath. The new surface of wood on the top is good to be stained or coloured. Three step sanding removes the upper layer and also smoothens the texture of the surface. Edge sanders can reach corners but stairs have to be hand done as the surface area is small for a sanding machine. Hand sanding is a cumbersome task and only skilled hands can evenly peel the top layer out. If you desire complete floor restoration, then availing the services of the best London floor sanding firm is worth the time and money being invested.

Preparing your house for sanding

If you have chosen a reputed organization then the restoraiton process will be explained to you patiently. You will be told about masking your decor and furniture, and steps to be taken to protect your family from dust. Advice on selection of stain and wax or paints will be offered keeping in mind decoration tastes.

You will also be told about floor maintenance and will be given simple tips that can help your floor stay healthy for long. Most importantly the cost of the services will be well within reasonable limits.

Hardwood Floors Sanding

Wooden floors are susceptible to many types of stains. The most common are those caused due to spilling food and coffee. These stains are easy to treat even if they percolate into the floor. Strong cleaners easily available, can help you get rid of such stains. Cleaning is made easier if your floor is new and has a coat of sealant on it. However if the stains are deeper, sanding has to be done to remove the stains. Hardwood Floors Sanding when done professionally, can give your floors a new life and help them last for more than a decade without maintenance.

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