One of the best features of a wooden floor is that it can be sanded to its grain and refinished so that it looks like new. If you wish, this job can be done by a professional, however in truth it is exceedingly simple to do yourself. Follow this handy guide on how to sand your wooden floor and it will look as good as new in little to no time at all. If you wished, you could sand the floor down by hand but there is no reason why you should do this.

The best and easiest way of sanding your floor is with the use a floor sander. Floor sanders can be attained from your nearest hardware store or tool rental place. It is recommended that you acquire a drum sander as this type of sander will provide you with the best results.

How to Sand A Wood Floor in your Newcastle Home

Once you have acquired a sander, seek sandpaper which is coarse or medium grained. Before commencing sanding, inspect your whole floor for protruding nail heads or any other objects present in your floor that will require removal prior to commencing sanding. These obstacles would result in your sandpaper becoming torn. Ensure that any nails are completely in line with the floor’s surface before you begin.

With each pass you make, use a small sander to sand down areas where the large drum sander will be not be able to reach. This means taking the smaller sander around obstacles and into the edges and all corners of your room. The amount of passes that will be required to sand your floor to a point where it is ready to be refinished can not be estimated prior to sanding. However, oftentimes only two or three passes will be required. On completion of sanding with fine grained sandpaper, your wooden floor’s exquisite grain should be apparent for all to see.

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