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Places to Visit in Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you happen to be in Newcastle Upon Tyne, then you will agree that its charm is memorable and is sure to stick with you for a long time.

The food and beverage scene is vibrant and rich, and the nights are rife with play. Having a meal by the numerous restaurants with a river view or a drink at rooftop bar that has sweeping views of the river and the Tyne Bridge will get you appreciating this city that has been the pride of the north for the longest time. 

You can be sure there is no shortage of interesting places to visit covering a wide spectrum of interests. If travelling from the south, Newcastle Upon Tyne welcomes you with open arms as literally as the Angel of the North sculpture with her wide open arms receives you.

Here's are some highly recommended places to visit while you are in Newcastle upon Tyne:

1. St James Park

For football fanatics or those who don’t have a clue about the game but love to revel in the charged atmosphere as fans chant their encouragement to their local team, Newcastle United Football Club, then a visit to the home of this football club is a must. If your visit to Newcastle does not coincide with a match, you can console yourself with a stadium tour or rooftop tour of the stadium for amazing views of the surrounding areas.

St James Park

2. Bridges

It is hard to think of Newcastle upon Tyne without one of its many scenic bridges popping to mind. The swing bridge is common for its particularly popular riverside spot. Opened in 1867, it still swings open four times a week.

One for the history books is the High-Level Bridge that was designed by Robert Stephenson. It is well known for being the first bridge in the world to have both rail and road on the same bridge.

Also synonymous with Newcastle upon Tyne is the Tyne Bridge. You can indulge in a tour of the towers on heritage open days which are only available in September.

3. Landmark

The renowned architect Edward Hodges Bailey, in a tribute to the Prime Minister Earl Grey, designed Nelson’s column as well as the Grey’s monument built in 1838 over the historic Grainger town. This monument has some 164 steps to be conquered before the summit, but you can be sure at the end of the feat, you will be rewarded by spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

intu Metrocentre

4. Shopping

For much-needed shopping therapy in New Castle, you can check out the intu Metrocentre that will have you spoilt for choice on which shop to visit with hundreds of them to choose from. You can inject some time out from your shopping at the IMAX cinema or have bowling brawl at the bowling alley. If you fancy some history to go with your shopping then you can visit the Intu Eldon Square and enjoy the 1882 Fenwicks which is one of UK’s leading department stores.

Newcastle upon Tyne is what memories are made of. The museums, food and beverage scene, as well as art galleries, are sure to leave a memorable mark beckoning you for another visit.

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