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School / College / University Floor Sanding

If your institution is more than 50 years old, chances are high that the rooms and other premises within have wood floors specifically hardwood, herringbone or parquet. Even to date, most schools, colleges as well as universities still prefer this type of floors for good reasons.

However, wood floors have their own shortcomings. We all admire them for durability but keep in mind that will require regular maintenance and if they look old and worn out, you will need to replace them.

At Floor Sand North East, we undertake maintenance, refurbishment as well as new installation of wood floors in schools.  Besides private schools, we’ve done projects in state boarding schools and universities amongst many other different institutions.

Maryport, Cumbria

Refurbishment of flooring and new line markings.

Refurbishment of flooring and new line markings.

Refurbishment of flooring and new line markings.

Emmanuel College, Gateshead

Refurbishment of flooring and new line markings.

Why Choose Us?

Whether it’s floor sanding or restoration, gap filling, floorboards replacement or general repair, we have the skill and experience to carry them out to perfection. Our aim is to make the floor at your institution more even and smooth and only utilize materials that are purely safe for both young children, adolescents, and adults.

Every other time we get to carry out projects at an institution of learning, we always do our best to keep the disruption to the minimum. Besides, we always keep our working patterns flexible enough to accommodate different situations or our client’s needs. So if you require us to carry out the work during breaks or holidays, we shall be ready to adapt to your condensed schedule.


Another huge concern for many is the dust and residual debris. At Floor Sand North East, we use innovative dust-free sanding equipment with special wood dust filters. All the dust that is collected will, therefore, be contained within the equipment and this will ensure not just cleaner but faster sanding as well.

Whether it’s the school kitchen, library, hall, accommodation rooms, sports gymnasiums, name it, you can trust us to renovate and restore their beauty, shine, and life.

Westmoor Primary School, Killingworth

Refurbishment of flooring and new line markings.

High School, Amble

Supply and fit Junckers flooring.

St. Peter & Paul, South Shields

Refurbishment of hardwood flooring.

Why wood is good for institutions?

The majority of learning institutions often have to endure frequent movement of chairs and desks, and heavy footfall/ traffic and these can take a toll on any floor. In the case of a wooden floor, it may end up looking tired or suffering different types of damage.

Replacing wood floor isn’t exactly cheap. Other options such as vinyl or laminate may sound cheaper when cost is factored in but it’s also worth to mention that both options are less durable compared to wood. In the end, you will incur extra costs replacing them compared to thewood floor which may last decades upon decades.

Therefore, getting your floor sanded and its fresh beauty restored remains a convenient option because it saves you a lot especially if you intend to have this done on larger spaces or many rooms. 

At Floor Sand North East, we always use finishes that are designed to last and endure such conditions as high traffic. We also bring extensive experience gained from sanding floors of different institutions.

It’s our joy when we see our clients excited by the look of their finished wooden floors. But the key to keeping the wooden floor looking neat and fresh lies in maintenance.  That’s why after successful completion of the service, we shall provide you with all the necessary advice on how to keep the floor looking neat and fresh always.

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