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Top 5 Attractions in Newcastle upon Tyne

No matter what your preferences, you will be spoilt for choice on where to start and where to end as there are numerous attractions to cater to every taste in New Castle upon Tyne. From a vibrant nightlife for the night crawlers to excellent local cuisine for the foodies and plenty of historical sites, not to mention amazing architecture and nature, everyone has something to look forward to.

Below are some of the top five attractions :

1. Care for a pint

For those who like their pint with a touch of history or those who like their history with a touch of a pint, it would be a crime not to make your way to the centurion pub at the station which was a former first-class lounge or the Bodega and its sister pub Fitzgerald who happen to have scooped the prestigious CAMRA award for the best pub in 2016. Wylam brewery located at the Palace of arts is also must visit for those who want to enjoy some art and local beer at the source.

2. Beamish open air living museum

Located about a half hour drive from the city centre, this museum will help you understand a little bit about the northern life. The experience will transport you through the 1820’s to the 1940’s. You can also sample some food and drinks from the past at the pit village and Georgian area. 

3. Baltic Center for contemporary art

Lovers of art will fall in love with this place, formerly a flour mill but now converted to one of the world most celebrated art museums. Every time you visit, there is new and fresh art from different exhibitors since they don’t have a permanent art collection. This aspect does not take away but adds to the diversity and quality of art that is exhibited at the Baltic.

4. Theater Royal

Located in Grainger town, this historic theatre is one of the few grade I listed theatres remaining in England. Another option for theatre lovers is the Tyne Theater and opera house which on occasion has opera, musicals and comedy shows.

5. Amazing places to eat

For the foodies who just love a great meal with an amazing atmosphere, you should make a point to visit all or at least one of these restaurants for amazing food during your stay in Newcastle:

  • Grainger market – this market is pretty ancient but has not lost even a bit of its buzz and charm. It has been there since the Victorian Era and it’s one of the best places to get good food. The selection is literally overwhelming, from pizza slices and fresh oysters to award-winning bakeries not to mention the lively festive atmosphere.
  • House of tides – located on the quayside, this beautifully restored merchant’s townhouse from the 16th century is an absolute culinary delight engineered by the talented head chef Kenny Atkinson. If you are not careful you just might forget to leave.

Although there are numerous marvellous places to visit in Newcastle upon Tyne, the above are just but a few choices across different genres just to make sure you get a taste of what the fabulous destination has to offer.

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