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What To Do In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is a lively port city in the North East part of England. In all of Britain, the city sets itself apart in many ways, starting with the nightlife, then the art, sports, and music. While here, there’s a couple of exciting things you can do to make your stay worthwhile. Let’s explore them.

1. Theatres

Theatre Royal is one of the most visited theatres in Newcastle Upon Tyne, earning its fame and popularity from hundreds of exciting performances that often take place there all year round.

The theatre opened in 1837 and currently, it’s among the few venues that are home to Royal Shakespeare Company’s shows.

Other theatres you may want to check out include the Journal Tyne Theatre, the People’s Theatre, the Northern Stage, and the Live Theatre. All are known to host an assortment of shows and events that are sure to leave you excited.

2. Music Concerts

At least many of us relish music, and at this city, you have a chance to fulfill this need. Not too far away from the city is the Sage Music Centre, a newly finished and creatively designed venue where you can go to attend a concert or simply marvel at the architecture and environment.

Metro Radio Arena is another huge venue for concerts that can host up to 12,000 people. It sits on the south side of the city.

Other music venues you might want to check out include the 02 Academy, the Newcastle City Hall, Head of Steam, and the university venues at Newcastle and North Umbria University.

3. Festivals

Newcastle Upon Tyne is home to a number of festivals that take place yearly, monthly, and weekly. The Evolution festival, for instance, is a huge music festival with performances from rock, dance and indie bands. The festival is held every Spring Bank Holiday (since 2005) and takes place at the Gateshead and Newcastle Quaysides.

Every August bank holiday, the MELA festival also takes place. IT celebrates Pakistan, Indian and Bangladeshi art, music and cuisine.

There’s also the Chinese New Year which takes place every year. Others include the Northern Pride, a summer gay pride event and also the continental Christmas market.

4. Sports

If you are a lover of sports, this city has more than enough to leave you excited. At the 52,000 seater St. James Park, you can get a chance to watch a Newcastle United football game.

For rugby lovers, head over to the Kingston Park where you’ll be lucky to watch a Newcastle Falcons rugby match.

Basketball lovers are also not left out. At the Metro Radio Arena, you may get a chance to watch a Newcastle Eagles game.

Other sports venues include Newcastle Racecourse where horse racing often takes place and the Gateshead International Stadium where athletics, rugby, and other sports are often held.

5. Cinema

Don’t we all relish watching exciting movies? Many of us do and while at Newcastle Upon Tyne, there’s plenty of places you can take yourself to and enjoy latest blockbusters, independent and popular films and so on.

Empire Cinema is popular for showing latest blockbusters. Tyneside Cinema and Side CInema are known for independent and popular films.

There’s also an Odeon Cinema Centre that is IMAX enabled and where you can get to watch all the popular and latest films.

To sum up, it should occur to you by now that there’s a lot to do and experience as you plan to visit Newcastle Upon Tyne. All you have to do is come prepared and wait for the city to do the rest.

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