Where to Stay in Newcastle upon Tyne?

There are numerous fantastic hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne to suit every taste and a whole selection of accommodation to fit your travel needs, whatever the season of your visit.

Here are some options to consider:

1. Hotel Du Vin

The rooms are elegantly built and designed with modern amenities. You are likely to appreciate the hotel building’s character and will be surprised to learn that it was originally the Tyne Tess shipping company.

The close proximity to the quayside is very convenient for enjoyable walks. If being in the heart of the action is your thing, then this is the place for you.


2. Jesmond Dene House

For the hopeless romantic who wants to get away from it all, there is no place like Jesmond Dene House. A 19-century mansion in a wooded valley just on the outskirts of  Newcastle, this sort of accommodation allows you that coveted English countryside feel while remaining not too far from the city to catch a movie or do a bit of shopping and exploring. The drive back to the lodge is scenic and breath-taking and their afternoon tea is to die for!

3. Crown Plaza Newcastle

Contemporary and classy with amazing interiors and spacious rooms, the hotel is simply luxurious with an excellent spa facility as well as the hotel’s very own Gin bar. It brings the modern boutique hotel option to this quintessential countryside like atmosphere giving travellers an option of enjoying their favoured type of hospitality in Newcastle.


4. Hostels

If you would rather set aside a shoestring budget on the accommodation but spend your money on going out, then you can check out Motel 1, Euro hostel, or sleeperz. All sit within the heart of the city and are known to have friendlier price options. You will be pleasantly amazed at the value for money on these options.

5. Apartments

Depending on how many you are, a sizable apartment to suit your party is often a great option. The homeliness and privacy that comes with an apartment are always most welcome. On the day that you are not doing a tour or out sampling a restaurant and pubs to enjoy the local cuisines, you can do the local market and get fresh produce to make a meal in the comfort of your apartment. Truly a home away from home during your visit!

AirBnB 1
airbnb apartment
AirBnB 2

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is another perfectly great option which will allow you to find a cosy place somewhere at a convenient location within the city through AirBnB.com. This type of accommodation is wonderful, especially if you have a great host who knows the city well. Not only do you save on the accommodation but you get to experiences the buzz of the city from a local. Such an experience is always priceless

No matter what option of accommodation you choose, you can set your mind for an exciting time in this beautiful city with numerous places to explore. The beauty of staying in Newcastle upon Tyne is the presence of an exciting place to visit.